Cocktail Marketing is an Award Winning full service creative agency based in Peterborough, specialising in brand, marketing, graphic design & digital.

We pride ourselves on creative thinking, impressive design and results driven strategic planning.

We deliver tangible results, and the secret of our success is that we’re really good at stepping into our clients’ shoes and getting under the skin of their business.

As a team of strategic, creative and technical minds with endless ideas we will work with your inside knowledge to achieve your goals – whether that means getting the phone to ring more often, boost sales, better customer engagement, or just getting noticed.

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What we do



When it comes to running a business, planning for future success is key. That’s why no matter how big or small your company is a marketing plan for the year ahead is essential; it allows goals to be set and the activities you need to do to reach them. Planning ahead means better budget forecasts are defined, and ultimately a greater return on investment. In short it means your business can grow.

We can help shape your entire marketing strategy, create your plan for you, then implement, monitor and evaluate it for you. We offer a complete on going outsourced marketing solution or can consult as and when you need us.

We have a strong strategic ethos here at Cocktail Marketing, we believe in planning out your advertising gives you the tools to see where you are getting your return on investment or where you maybe wasting the budget.





A brand is so much more than a logo; it’s how people feel towards a product, service or company. We can’t control how people feel, but a strong brand can influence it.

Before you can begin to advertise your business, your company needs to establish its brand first. This is so much more than just a logo; it’s how people feel towards a product, service or company. We can’t control how people feel, but a strong brand can influence it.

Next you need to understand your customer, but knowing who they are you can discover how to talk to them. Once you know that advertising to them becomes more focused and not so much a shot in the dark hoping someone will find your company. Advertising comes in many forms… Online PPC (Pay Per Click), social media sponsored adverts, email and direct marketing, website, door drops, press adverts, brochures, large format advertising, the list is literally endless.





A good graphic designer is born with the raw talent of creativity; it’s not something that you can just ‘pick up along the way’. Thankfully at Cocktail Marketing we are blessed with an enormous amount of raw design talent that many of our competitors envy!

Working with a designer can be daunting at first, trying to get across the image you have in your head over to another person can be tricky. But by giving as much information to us we can produce a few concepts to not only give you what you have in your minds eye, but also using our experience to produce something more than you were expecting.

Design is everywhere around us, we get asks so often can you design a logo / leaflet/ website / signage /product / exhibition stand… the list goes on. The answer is yes, we are creative people that spend our time designing various things. Nine times out of ten we’ve designed it, and on the rare occasion we haven’t we love the challenge of designing something new. Your first step is understanding what message you want to get across and to who, how that is done and what it can look like is all in our imagination and talent