Miniature moments in a creative agency

Creative Briefs

Status meetings always have a habit of going off topic

Dave knew he was close to his creative burnout

Mad Men
Everyone thinks they’re Don Draper

It wasn’t so much what she said, it was her tone I didnt like.

The client insisted “I’ll know what I want, when I see it.”

When these arrived in the post, it was clear asking for jpegs was too technical

After a heated debate in the office, they were all agreed – the iPhone 6 is just too big.

Everyone thinks they’re the target audience.

Cutting through the copy to speak clearly to a customer, was an all day job.

He moaned, but it was his turn to empty the trash this week.

Creative Briefs – A little slice of agency life

We wanted to give you a little glimpse of what life can be like at Cocktail Marketing. It’s just a bit of fun, we hope you enjoy the little adventures and will follow the Creative Briefs series.

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