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Five misconceptions about Brand

1 – A logo is a brand
Let’s look at a brand as a person for a moment, we’ll call him Jeff. His personality, mannerisms and reputation, along with his physical attributes added in, that is Jeff’s brand. Jeff’s name like a company name, his appearance and how he communicates goes into the overall branding mix. But if we liken a company’s logo to Jeff’s signature, yes it’s neat and he’s added a smiley face at the end, but it doesn’t portray his personality (his brand). Without all the other elements, a company cannot build relationships or gain trust, which in turn creates customer loyalty.

2 – Brand isn’t necessary
The majority of people purchase on an emotional basis, rather than a logical one. If your brand helps to trigger a positive emotional response in a customer’s mind, you will create a loyal customer. I’m sure you’re thinking my head rules my wallet! Unfortunately as much as we would all like to think that, it’s our head that registers the number, whether that’s price tag, amount of shoes already in the cupboard, or number of similar tools that do the same job in the shed. But it’s our hearts that see the shoes you must have or the drill that goes that little bit faster. The emotional experience in using and owning the item usually wins at the end of the day, and that’s about the same time when our head kicks in to justify our purchase. Look at your business with emotion and project its brand.

3 – Brand is expensive
To build a brand for your company doesn’t need to be expensive, you can start by spending nothing. Look at what’s local in your community, and try to work out how you can get your brand personality out there. Things like local media and press, try to get your town’s newspaper to run a feature article on your business. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest) is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get your personality across, but don’t be afraid to interact on there. Of course creating a brand can be as much as you want it to be, but in the end not building a brand can be more expensive in the long run.

4 – It’s wrong to mix business and personal when it comes to brand
When was the last time you laughed at a leaflet from your local council or felt a connection with your insurance company’s website? Stuffy, flat marketing material will get basic information across, but it won’t build your brand. Tone of voice and personality needs to be heard running through a brand, and most of the time that comes from a person. So let your customers see and hear the real you, so they grow to trust the person behind the logo.

5 – Isn’t brand the same as promotional marketing?
It’s the difference between selling more products and bringing your customers back in store. Hang on, isn’t that almost the same? Marketing is mainly tactical. It will push a message, usually promoting a product or service, with a sales target at its heart. Brand is mainly strategic, it pulls the customer, with its characteristics, values and attributes. It’s an expression of the company’s values. Marketing may contribute to your brand, but a brand is much larger than marketing. If you have a strong brand that supports your promotional marketing effort, you’ll build customer loyalty, which in turn will give you more people to communicate your marketing messages to.


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