BRAND is more than just a logo

A successful company knows their staff are the face of the business, but for that team to speak as one company they must all use the same language, understand the same vision and unite under one identity. That is why a succinct, well thought through brand is important for any business that wants to succeed.

Almost anything, anywhere can be branded. And almost anyone, anywhere says they can do it. Creative agencies all around the country can design you a great logo, a palette of colours and voilà, your brand? No!

The visual side of your brand can only be created once you know where you want your company to go. That’s where expertise in marketing comes in, without it, you’ll be throwing good money after bad, with just a logo and very little return on investment (ROI). Working with an agency with expertise in the core areas of marketing and brand strategy, will make sure your brand will live long and prosper.

Shaping your brand is about building a strong foundation but before that can be done, first there must be understanding of where you are and where you want to be. It involves in-depth discussions and workshops to establish the project’s framework and to clarify the key objectives. When an understanding of the heart of your business has been gained: its mission, values, products, services, target audience, company culture, people, competitive advantage, strengths, weaknesses, marketing strategies and challenges for the future, then its time to apply the key brand components to the mix.

Pulling together the visual identity is the easy part, and often where most creative agencies that say they “do brand” stop. Bringing a brand to life in a multi-channel world, takes experience, knowledge and hard work. Good implementation of a brand is vital – an understanding of the delivery channels and applying the components of the brand consistently is an art. Rolling out the new vision to your staff, then in turn launching the brand to your customers, takes a strong strategic plan. Because at this stage, if you don’t get the implement right, not only will you have wasted your money, but you’ll only be left with just a pretty logo.


Need some brand advice?

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