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In this digital age, you can’t get away from advertising, advertising and even more advertising. Yet every business knows, you can’t just open your “doors” and expect floods of customers to stream in. No matter how annoying advertising is, I’m afraid it does work on us.

But as a new business or even one on a tight budget, how can you compete with the big boys and their million pound advertising campaigns? Unfortunately, the age-old saying of ‘you have to spend money to make money’ is very true. Starting a business does cost money, but it’s how creative you are with that budget that can see your profits rise without breaking the bank.

Let me give you two examples of creative marketing, one of which even a large corporation is doing.

Recently, I noticed a flurry of social media comments, by friends, referring to seeing adverts from Dominos at 8am. I have to say I was intrigued, as there were quite a few mentions of this. It wasn’t until later that day, when I was driving back from a meeting through the town centre that I spotted it. Standing by a busy roundabout was a young man, in his Domino’s Pizza uniform holding up a plaque offering a deal for pizza. As I drove away, I started doing some sums in my head.

So one Domino’s employee, probably under 20 years old, on minimum wage of around five pounds an hour, say he’s there for rush hour 7am – 9 am and 4pm – 6pm. 4hours x £5 = £20 per day add in the production of the boards about £50 (of course only a one time payment) That gives you £70 on the first day, then £20 subsequent. Over a month, they are spending around £450 on advertising at one of the busiest roundabouts in the town. Compare this to the cost of one months adverting on a billboard or bus shelter (thousands of pounds). Domino’s Pizza not only have lowered their advertising spend, but raised the brand profile with something a little different to the norm, that people were talking about.

My second example I can’t currently contribute to a business, but time will tell I suppose. If you’ve been following the mystery benefactor in the news, you’ll have heard of #HiddenCash and #HiddenCash_UK. If not let me fill you in, over the last few months, there have been clues left on Twitter, leading to locations around America where hidden envelopes with $80 in can be found. The lucky finders of the envelope of money then start interacting when they are asked to take a photo and tweet it. This has now begun in England, seemingly by the same person. Running in exactly the same way, every couple of days a couple of clues to which town the “hidden cash” is located, and the photos of the found envelope and winner.

Now, I’m not saying this is definitely a business marketing campaign, but with half a million follower on Twitter, whole towns across the globe playing hide and seek and national newspapers reporting on it, I’d say that’s a lot of people talking about it for very little spend, ok but maybe a fair bit of effort.

What I’m trying to get at is, the more creative you are with your marketing, the more experimental you are, might just pay off with some surprising results.


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