Marketing Strategy

Why your agency needs to have a strong background in marketing strategy

The world of marketing is evolving rapidly, in fact it’s changed more in the past 10 years than the previous 50. It’s becoming more diversified, fragmented and, yes, confusing.

Marketing budgets are expected to return stronger results while at the same time the choice of where and how to spend that budget has never been greater.

The same can be said for marketing agencies. Today agencies specialise in creative or search or brand or content or communications or video or… (I could go on) This isn’t a bad thing, given how segmented marketing has become. But there’s one proviso.

Before appointing a raft of different specialist marketing agencies, there is one essential ingredient that must be present in each and every one… a solid understanding of marketing strategy.

Without it you will simply have to work harder, spend more time and no doubt more budget to achieve your goals.

Agency employees need to go beyond being creative or tech savvy to being good marketers. They must be able to think as you do and make decisions accordingly, understand your business goals, needs and strategies and most importantly be able to draw from experience.

For example, submit a brief for a brand refresh to a design agency and there’s no doubt you’ll receive a beautifully designed logo, maybe a new strapline. You’ll probably get a nice thick ‘brand guidelines’ document on how to use said logo and strapline. But will it resonate with your customers? Will your staff buy into, live and breathe the new brand? Will it help to take your company where you want it to go?

Similarly a website produced by a web agency, will probably hit the mark on functionality – but will it nail the design, the content and crucially will it deliver what you need; whether that be sales, leads, PR, consumer confidence or better engagement with your customers? It is the strategic thinking marketer that pulls all of those elements together.

With little understanding and experience in marketing strategy an agency will never be able to join the gap between the brief and a truly successful creative solution.

So, before you appoint your next agency, make sure you ask them one question: How much marketing strategy experience do you have?

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