Up to £4k digital grants for SMEs in Cambridgeshire

Starting a business isn’t particularly cheap, sometimes just getting your idea off the ground means having a real ‘make do and mend’ attitude, but occasionally you stumble across a helping hand that can make a big difference to a small company.

For SME businesses in the Cambridgeshire area (including Peterborough), a grant has now become available offering a discount of 40 per cent on innovative digital products and services – up to £4,000 – and a broadband connection voucher of up to £3,000 as part of a major new initiative launch early 2014.

Destination Digital aim to encourage SMEs in Cambridgeshire to make the most of fibre-optic broadband and digital services, such as an online presence, cloud computing, mobile apps and video-conferencing.

Destination Digital is open to companies employing fewer than 250 people, including home-based businesses and sole traders. The scheme will provide free business support and workshops, vouchers worth up to £3k to pay the one-off connection cost for high speed broadband and a massive 40% discount up to £4k on investing in digital products and services.

They do stress however, that there are a limited number of grants available up to March 2015, so companies interested in taking advantage of the scheme should contact them and apply as soon as possible.


Need help spending your grant?

For a lot of companies just getting an online presence can really make a big difference when growing a business. At Cocktail Marketing we build websites that not only look visually great and optimized for search engines but with expert marketing knowledge, we make sure each and every page is driving business, focusing on your key goals and promoting your brand. With help from the grant from Destination Digital, your website could become 40 per cent cheaper. Talk to us.

Please note, all grants must be applied for and accepted before commissioning work from us, but we are more than happy to give you a quote.