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DesignProcess-1All businesses use design in a variety of ways, from corporate identity and branding, to advertising and marketing, as well as in the development of new products, services and technical such as websites. So it’s good to have an understanding of the process.

If you’ve ever experienced the design process in action, you’ll understand that it’s rarely the smooth succession of steps that we have shown in our infographic. The stages can often overlap, blur and their order can sometimes get jumbled… But it’s a creative, flexible way of working that has to be adapted to the client’s situation and needs.

Even at a simple level of working with a creative provider – e.g. a hairdresser or an interior designer, it’s the information the client provides at the very beginning of a project, which is critical. Getting the creative brief right is vital and if it’s incomplete, it can cause the project to take extra time, in turn costing the client much more money than originally budgeted.

A creative brief is essential if you want to get the best out of your creative agency, without it how will the agency know what you need to achieve, who you want to talk to or what you consider to be a success? To help here are 8 ingredients to nailing a creative brief

The key to any project is open communications from the beginning, together with a clear process that sets the expectations from both the client and the agency, this ensures the project sets off on the right course.

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Cocktail Marketing – Our ideas fly, but we keep our feet firmly on the ground. The discipline of deadlines and budgets makes sure our creativity fulfils its purpose, while Cocktail Marketing stay on top of our clients’ needs, we also keep a firm grip on reality. So whether it’s bringing new brands into existence or shouting about your products and services, we enable organisations to develop a strong vision of where they want to go and inspire them to get there. Talk to us today.