The Marketing Cocktail

– ​With a name like Cocktail Marketing, of course we have our own cocktail, it really is the perfect mix!​

Cocktail Marketing - Peterborough Branding and Marketing Agency

Ingredient List
12.5ml Belvedere Vodka
12.5ml Midori
12.5ml Archers
12.5ml Malibu
50ml Cranberry Juice
50ml Orange Juice

This is a very special drink for a few reasons. It looks like a traffic light and because of its layering is 3 different drinks in one glass, then when it’s mixed becomes another drink completely!

This is best served in a tall, thin glass to get the best effect. The glass must be FULL of ice for the drink to layer properly. Start by shaking 12.5ml Midori and 12.5ml Malibu together then pour into the glass, this is the green.

Then shake the 12.5ml Belvedere Vodka and 50ml of Orange Juice together. Shake well and slowly pour over the ice (make sure to pour very slowly and onto the ice then the orange colour will layer on top of the green)

Finally shake together the 12.5ml Archers and the 50ml Cranberry juice and layer on to the orange, if the ice is not to the top of the glass add more or it will mix and not layer. Taste each individual layer by pulling your straw through the glass and then mix to get a completely new flavour. ENJOY!!