videoPicsNeed to add some movement to your marketing and communications? Videos can be a great marketing tool, whether it’s a live event, training videos, promotional clips or interviews, or maybe even something more creative like a short film, TV production or VFX.

Our video production experts have years of camerawork, lighting and directing experience, coupled with lots of natural creative talent, which enable us to be able to tell your company’s ‘story’ from concept, development, writing, producing, editing through to special effects and post production graphics. We can offer creative support from beginning to end with conceptualisation and script writing, to a digital marketing packages for once the video is complete.

We shoot with a variety of cameras, including the Canon C300, Sony FS7, RED One, GoPro HERO3 and Sony PMW 400.

We also offer animated video, perfect for graphical presentations where movement enhances the delivery of information – presentations, step-by-step guides, and even e-cards for Christmas.

Live action video showreel 2015